Non-Contact Baby Infrared Thermometer - 50% OFF

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At the push of a button, take your baby’s temperature without making them hold still.  Aim the thermometer at your baby and get an immeadiate reading - monitor tempertaure at all times even when they're asleep!

Know your baby’s temperature instantly... yep, Instantly. Infrared thermometers are the fastest reading on the market.

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Backlight LCD digital display, Lightweight and portable for use.
Precise non-contact infrared measurement.
Fahrenheit or Celsius
Body temperature measurement: aiming towards the forehead with the distance of 1-15cm.
Different backlight color for different temperature ranges
Measuring the surface temperature of an object, baby bath water or milk temperature, etc.

Functions Description:
F1: when the body temperature exceeds alarm temperature(default value is 38°C), will display red backlight and alarm;
F2: calibration(default 0), you can set when there is a temperature deviation;
F3: alarm switch(ON-OFF), when turn on the alarm, the screen will appear loudspeaker icon;
F4: modes selection(default BODY), the screen will display "Body temp" under BODY mode.

Backlight Color Description (ONLY BODY MODE):
Red backlight: body temperature is high and exceeds alarm temperature
Green backlight: body temperature is normal;
Yellow backlight: body temperature is high but not exceed the alarm temperature

Body Temperature Measurement: 32.0-43°C / 90-109.4°F
Ambient Temperature Measurement: 0-60°C / 32-140°F
Accuracy: (+/-)0.2°C(0.6°C error is allowed due to the infrared test and environment effect)
Measurement Distance: 1 to 15cm (within 5cm is the best)
Auto-shutdown Time: About 7s

Package List:
1 * Non-contact IR Thermometer
1 * User Manual (English)

Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries (NOT Included)